Peter Ashley on BBC!!!

January 2012

This is a quick email to let you know that I'm intending to play one of your tracks BBC Introducing: The South this coming Sunday (Jan 15th) at some stage between 7pm - 9pm; providing everything goes to plan that is!

If you're not around a radio when the show is live, don't forget that you can listen to it again for seven days following the broadcast on the modern miracle that is the BBC iplayer (links below).

Katie Daisy Grant is in session and the demo panel will be taking a critical listen to tracks by Steven Roberts, Rich Lown and Peter Ashley. Of course your feedback is always very welcome. The text number is 81333 (and you'll need to start your message with the word "radio") and the best email address to use when the show is live is

Digital luddite that I am I do not tweet, facebook, beebo, bing, quack or even woof. As such, (and if you feel that it would be of use to you and/or your fans and followers) please do cascade this info across your various social networks. It's lovely to hear their thoughts about the tunes we're playing during the show.

Have a great weekend,
Phil Jackson
BBC Introducing: The South
7-9pm Sunday evenings
BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey & BBC Radio Solent

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Listen in Solent & Hampshire on 96.1 FM
Listen in Dorset on 103.8 FM
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New CD Artillerie Strasse came out!!!

January 2012

Check out New Songs right here on

New recordings in Erlangen

23 Jan 2011

I have made 4 new recordings over the past few weeks in the Music Point Studios.

I've recorded two new songs Break the very heart of me and Closing Doors plus I've recorded new versions of Moon , and Road to Glenanar(Strohalm mix).

brand new website

December 2010

Welcome to the updated Peter Ashley website. Iíve developed this in conjunction with Andrei Voina to get the site a fresh up to date look. Iíve been living in Germany over the past year and Iíve played a few gigs over the summer at the Strohalm Erlangen, and also did a spot at a big Irish Night event in Hochstadt.

More recently on the 29th November did an impromptu show at the Strohalm which I really enjoyed. Iíve been writing some new songs during my stay in Germany and will add those to the list for the next album ďArtilleriestrasseď which I aim to release next year July 2011. You can hear some of the first draft recordings in the jukebox. Many thanks to "Wulli" Wullschlager and Sonja Tonn for inviting me to play at the Strohalm, itís a super venue one of the few in Germany that offers Live music 7 nights a week. Also thanks to the super violinist Matthias Enkelman for providing much needed support to my Strohalm gigs. I am going back to the UK at the end of January 2011 so I will see where the next musical adventure takes me. And in the meanwhile, enjoy the brand new website!